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I love Doctor Who, Supernatural, books where the author was dead before my parents were born, and long runs on bad pavement.

Also, I'm mostly private so if you want the good stuff comment here.
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SPN Dean reads fanfic

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My iPhone is dying. This has been happening for a while. It's glitching out (sometimes it dials on speaker phone for no reason) and it's not holding a charge like it used to. The charge is so bad I have to plug it in 3 times a day on busy days. I can not have a phone like this. Enter my next big financial deal- a new phone. I should say I have the original iPhone 4 and got it when Verizon first released the iPhone. This is just something I didn't want to do until the end of the year. I know I'm bitching about it now, but when it gets in (I just ordered it online) I'll be all OOOOO shiny! and so on but right now this is just an expense I didn't want to put out. But it's necessary. Blergh.

In unrelated news I have been sick entirely too often this year. I blame it on the completely unhealthy eating I've been back to ever since June. It doesn't help that I just unpacked my kitchen a few nights ago so me and the kid have been having mostly pizza. I'm making it a point to get good stuff tomorrow to cook.

I've been reading a lot again lately. And it's amazing. Sometimes I forget what it's like to love a book. Then I love and book and remember all the books I had loved before it. They connect that way and I feel like I'm surrounded by pages of love poems.

I've also had a lot of coffee. Erik bought me a turkish one for when I picked the kid up. Sometimes he does stuff right.

I want more icons to reflect my current interest but I'm too lazy to look for them. So happy Supernatural no longer sucks!
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TV N/T ummmm....

Glued to the couch recently

I watched a movie today called Boy A and promptly ordered the book used off of Amazon right after. Besides my all-consuming love for all things Andrew Garfield it was amazing in its own right.

Also, American Horror Story ate my life for a while. I watched the first episode of Asylum today and I'm definitely intrigued.

What cha doin?

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DW bother!

in all of space and time....

I am fully moved and now live in the lovely area of Lakeview. Otherwise known as the ridiculously safe part of my city. It's weird going through the moving process again, and once again so last minute. Last time I moved into my Midcity place I was moving from my mom's so all my stuff was already in boxes. This time I had to box up a three bedroom house and move it into a two bedroom with a smaller kitchen in a matter of days.

And it was done with a bunch of help from my awesome friends and taking over half the vacation of the very understanding jessicakmalfoy. 'Cause she's not an asshole :)

Now I have to ready myself for work. If you want to know about her trip she posted pics and a short and sweet summary at her journal, so mosey over.

Funny thing about new neighborhood is new wifi names. Someone in the area has "deekinyourmouth" as their handle. Nothing but class, people. Nothing but. Then again, my old one when I lived with oops_in_the_apt was "busydownloadingp0rn" so it is what it is. Now it's TARDIS, and such is life.

TB Vampire in your clevage

to the horrible lines and the terrible lies, it's still all the same

Busy, busy, busy- then not so much. Being sick really does slow one down.

So, what have I been done while secluded in my house?

Watched season 4 of True Blood. I missed Sookie. And Eric Northman *naked*

Watched the second half of season 3 of The Vampire Diaries. Yeah, I'll take Sookie over Elena any day. I mean it. The women in this show are stupid. And it's horribly written. Why do I watch? Ian and other hot guys with accents. I can be shallow. I'm ok with that.

I've started the Artemis Fowl series. I use the word 'started' loosely here. Muskrat started reading it and he's on the second book and obsessed so I told him I would join him. When he gets into a series and none of his friends are reading it I'll read it with him so that he can have someone to talk to about it. Only thing is when I get sick I can't focus on words so I've been at it for a week. I'm on chapter two. His father just started the Fablehaven series which the kid and I finished when we went to visit jessicakmalfoy last October. He's a year behind but it really made Muskrat happy that he was trying.

I actually kinda ranted to him today while on the phone about why I'm not happy in my profession and why I'm going back to school in January. It all started because he offered to pay the $150 a month for the class I'm dropping on Tuesday nights for medical massage. Besides the fact that I won't take money from him I made it clear that I saw no point in investing for myself in a future that I'm not going to want five years from now. How this was never what I wanted for myself but it's a better alternative to waiting tables and I happen to be good at it. It took a month of deep soul search and, not gonna lie, some help from my doctor, to realize why I've been so unhappy. I know I'm not the kind of person who can just go with the flow job wise- I have to be happy with what I do. Mostly because I'm a workaholic and my job becomes my life. I have always wanted to teach. I have always wanted to write. And I'm sofa king tired of not doing what I want and doing what everyone expects me to do. So, fuck it.


Now I'm going to watch Season 4 of Fringe. Because I can. And I own it. Because I stress shop on amazon.com :D

OHOHOH!!!! Got the Saints tickets for when jessicakmalfoy comes in tonight! And got a bright red Wii to replace the one stolen. Still haven't gotten the Xbox but ordered the kid a PC instead. He needs one for school. Really hoping since the wiiU was announced that prices for other consoles will start to go down.

Hope all is well for everyone. I'd offer hugs but I don't want to get ya'll sick.
NOLA blue dog

Isaac, a week back in the city

I had promised crazy_lil_loud1 a real update about my Isaac experience on FB, I really don't like getting personal on there, so here it is.

What made it suck was that my house was robbed while I was in Baton Rouge evacuating. I had to practically beg my mom to check on my place because the roads were flooded and I couldn't get back to NOLA, so Friday morning (of last week) was when it was discovered.

I really don't know how I feel about all of it. Yes, I feel violated. Someone was in my house, with out my knowledge, and went through my stuff. And for what they all took it was not just one person, it was at least two. My tv is (was) huge. They took all the electronics in my house. My living room tv, Muskrat's Xbox and Wii as well as all his games, the Bluray player in the living room, my Galaxy Tablet that I stupidly left, the 24 inch tvs in my room and Muskrat's, my cracked screen old gen iPod touch in my massage room, and concert tickets to Bush that I had bought for jessicakmalfoy's birthday trip here. They didn't touch my jewelry box, which admittedly didn't have much of value in it anyway since all my good stuff was stolen when my storage unit was broken into over two years ago. They came for the electronics, found the tickets in my desk drawer while going through it, and left.

What I'm most concerned about are the kid's games. Even when I'm able to replace the game systems building up his games is going to take time- and they're not fucking cheap. Also, I don't get him any games that aren't completely kid friendly. So, no Grand Theft Auto or any of that other crap that some people let their young children play. These people took Mario games, The Blob, and Spyro stuff. Really, assholes?

They happened to leave the Dynex bluray player in my room so we had that, and I have amazing friends that showed up at my house the day after I got back in town with a tv because they didn't want my kid coming home to nothing. I pushed off telling him until Wednesday, when his dad brought him back. He took it well, a lot better than I did when I was his age and it happened to my mom and me.

I just don't like that people were here in my home. How can it really feel like home again? I'm getting an alarm installed next week, and renters insurance when I finally replace some of this stuff because that's what sucks the most about all this- the money. It's been a crappy summer and I really can't even afford to go out and buy him all this crazy stuff. Luckily Amazon has great deals on used things, and the week I spent in Baton Rouge got my used to sleeping without a tv so that hasn't been an issue.

And to top it all off I read this horrible werewolf sex book because it was on sale on my Nook and I was bored in BR and OMG IT WAS SO BAD!!!! I never want to read again. Except the Doctor Who novels I bought. Because, yeah, I've got it bad.

Good note? Ticketmaster voided the tickets and they're sending me new ones so me and Jess still get to go to the show. Gavin better be worth $4,400+. That's all I'm saying. He better get naked or something.

leaving this public because people are assholes and I need to vent. Even though I'm not that pissed, more resigned.
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MOVIE ITW reading the classics

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Whilst reading I'm always jarred when an author uses the word "whilst".

I mean, really, whilst?

I'm going to go brush my tresses now.
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Dr. Tran ahhhhhhhh!

really, this again?

So we're about to deal with the first hurricane to hit us since Katrina. And, funny story- it's coming on the seven year anniversary of Katrina.

The plan is to stay at the moment.

Sending the kid away with his dad but it's just a Cat 2 and most of us don't see the point. So far I'll be camping out with Megan, probably playing board games, reading, and writing. If they say leave I'll go to Baton Rouge and chill out with Maya for a few days.

Not gonna lie, not worried about the storm but looking forward to the hurrication.
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RAZIA fill the night with paint

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I'm trying to find my "roots". It's difficult to explain. I have a lot of things I love, but for some reason or another I have not been keeping up with. Usually it all boils down to laziness and excuses. I also need to start conserving on money. I have a bad habit of whenever someone says, "let's go eat!" I go. It gets expensive real quick.

This is me saying I ran four miles tonight and I haven't done that since June.

This is also me saying I'm going to spend more time at home, or at a park. But I will be spending it alone.

And this is me again, trying to find the balance I've lost.

I haven't had a drink in a week. Downing a bottle of wine a night just to get to sleep makes you step away for a few. I'm thinking until next year.