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Movies, Trev, and Oops!

Yesterday was a really good day. I took Trev to the zoo and then we went to eat at GB, followed by some Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (season 1 came in the mail last week!) and The Magnificent Ambersons which bought and paid for my soul. I mean it, wow. Now I want to read the book by Booth Tarkington, who I've never heard of but I want to get inside Georgie's head so bad it isn't even funny. Also watched Casanova with Mr. Tennich and, even though I enjoyed it, I wanted more from it. I did do many mini squee!s when I saw Rose Byrne was in it (I love her and think she's under appreciated as an actress) and Laura Fraser. So, here's what the Laura Fraser excitement was about:

Laura Fraser played Door in the adaptation of Neil Gaimen's Neverwhere

Laura Fraser and David Tennent were in Casanova together

David Tennant is the 10th Doctor as well as Barty Jr.

Neil Gaimen + Doctor Who + Harry Potter = Happy Eugenie

Oh! Mindy is, as we speak, reading HBP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She also has an el jay now :D
I've instructed her to stay out of my past entries for possible spoilage. She hasn't set it up yet, just reserved her name. There is a reason behind it, but its more of me and her being idiots, as usual... I cried I laughed so hard. oops_in_the_apt
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