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OotP poll

I'm going see it again at 5:45. YEA!

Poll #1019677 I have seen OotP


Saw at midnight show
Saw/ am seeing it today
Not until this weekend
No plans to see it at all

For those who saw the movie

I loved it! Best one!
I liked it.
Are you fucking kidding me? Sucked
Pleased, but expected more

Favorite character


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Jul. 11th, 2007 10:10 pm (UTC)
We probably won't be seeing it until next week, sadly. If I'm lucky, hubby will break and perhaps we'll see it this weekend. We had a bad experience with movie 4 and it's caused hubby to never ever want to go to another HP movie opening night ever again...... so sad. Though, I totally understand why.

Firstly, I got shoved and nearly trampled as a result and secondly, we were second in line (we waited in line for almost SIX effing hours) for the theater and ended up getting in at around 100 instead due to the chaotic rush of people once the doors opened (not to mention my nearly getting trampled due to being shoved onto the ground). Then to add salt to the already very raw wounds, when we went to sit, the lady who shoved me (yes, the very same one) tried saving like 10 seats.... hubby yelled at her and she yelled back. It was quite the match, but hubby won in the end. He actually threw her coat a few rows down so she had to leave to retrieve it. She was stunned and didn't come back. So yeah...... don't think today or this weekend is happening for us. :-(

Jul. 11th, 2007 10:13 pm (UTC)
That is HORRIBLE! I can see why he would be against it. Lucky for us where we live it's not like that, I'm kinda in the subburbs (if you want to call it that) of our area and the theatre was full, but not packed. They even let us sit an hour and a half before so there was no worries.

Christ, your man has balls. That was wonderful, he should have thrown her too!
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