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Spoilers-----> Eva, avoid until later


I just watched the last two eps of the season, and I'm liek OMFG FACE OF BOE!!!!!!!!!!


There are no words! It WAS AMAZING! Yes, supper cheesy, of the provolone variety, but FACE OF BOE! No wonder he knew that The Doctor wasn't alone.

And Martha is FINALLY gone! Thank GOD! I mean, she was no Rose, and I'm spoiled for Rose. She was funny, endearing, and energetic. Martha was just kinda blah.


And her family sucked, did I mention that? I liked Rose's family. Does this mean that Billie might come back? Or is Martha just taking a break until after the Christmas special?

Oh fuck JACK IS THE FACE OF BOE!!!!!!!!!!!!

wicked_g if you have AIM or something you have to ping me! vinofaery on aim and I'm vinofaerie@gmail on gmail.

I'm just WOW!!!!!!!!

Wait, so the EDIT here.... I fall asleep every night to Doctor Who, series one and two because that's what released on DVD so far and I remember vaguely there being an ep where the Face of Boe announces he's preg.

FTW! Jack, you never did stop FUCKING EVERYONE, did you?
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