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Am I the only one who keeps a writer's journal? You know, random thought? I loaned my current one to Maya over a month ago (ok, over four) so she could get some ideas for a short story for her class. I just grabbed a random one, and three pages into just rambling I realized I wrote something that's been on my mind for a while:

Tonight it feels like a better city, like its not so small a town. I'm tired of the smells, the tastes, the conversations of this place. I've been here before and it is the same as last time, and the same as the time before that. The touches are too familiar. The rooms are all the same. Even the colors and the brush strokes lean the same way. There is nothing original to this anymore.

I've known this for a while. But now I just want to get the fuck out of New Orleans. The degree just isn't coming quick enough and I can't afford out of state tuition to move. 

For some reason the weather is really nice tonight. No humidity even though its been raining for days. It's cool and the air is crisp and I was bare foot outside for a while. 
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