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release party

Already deleted my "7-21-07 If I had a TARDIS I'd have read it by now" icon seeing as it's no londer valid.

When me, oops_in_the_apt and lizzie9281 went to get our wrist bands at 5:30 for the book at the Borders in Metairie we were interview and lo and behold, we are in The Times-Picayune, quoted and all. Trevor is even mentioned too! Sorry, but I'm sooooo blowing my dork horn over this. We made the PAPER!

All and all the party sucked. I mean, disorganized, they didn't know what they were doing (even though they had to have done it at least a few times before). The fire marshall ended up kicking a lot of people out but we were already outside at that time because the Snape Debate (the whole reason we chose Borders over B&N) was horrible. We got silver banded so we were apart of the second group to get the book and still didn't have it until after 40 minutes. No fun little side things, it BLEW.

But the company was great so it was worth it.

Well, ya'll enjoy the book. Anyone who wants to talk about it hit me up on AIM, google, or yahoo (if I'm ever on there). I'm dying to discuss theories, conclusions, and general SQUEE!-ing.


ETA: and because I love you all so much I bring you this, courtsey of sky_o through Mindy...
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