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My day... a plethra of excitement

Apparently my fav thing to do after waking up at ass o' clock in the morning (7, yeah, it's early for me), getting Trev feed then to school, school for me from 10-2, picking Trev up at 3 and being to work at 4 to work until ass o'clock in the morning again (got off at 1:30a) is to crack open a Diet Dr. Pepper, make a grilled cheese sandwich, and eat some of oops_in_the_apt's marshmallows (sorry Mindy *hugs*).

Tomorrow I get to sleep all day. Yea for sleep!

I've been listening to Rasputina non stop for the past week with a break of a little TAI thrown in. Today I put Tori on while cooking my quick breakfast/lunch/dinner at home before getting Trev. It's been a while since I've really listened to her. I think since last semester when I was coming back from the Shakespeare Fest in AL and I blasted her all the way home.

Because I love ya'll (and I think everyone should have this) Rasputina's new album. Listen to #11, it sends chills down my spine. Also, the entire album tells a story from track 1 to 12, and it's a really good one. For some reason (even though the story is about settlers seeking a new life and how their society evolves) it gives me this mild Mary Shelly/ Byron's Manfred feeling to it. Maybe it's because the first song references Shelly and the summer of 1816.
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