Allons-y! (moltobene1925) wrote,

Really, I'm all mushy right now

Me and Mindy never check our mail. We remember to check it right before our bills are due so we can see what we need to pay and then we send them in a week late. What can I say? We're broke all the time even though we make money :/

That being said I checked our mail tonight because most of our bills are due in the next 2 days and there was a post card colored by Trev on his first day of school that I didn't even know about. I got all glee-squee! Then the next letter was from Emmie :D

I'm really feeling the letter love right now. Thank you honey, you just made my night like you have no clue :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D *hugs you to bits*

Now I really need to hook up my scanner so I can show ya'll all Trev's school cuteness.

Really, I'm just feeling really happy right now. And so is Mindy, her dad was just super sweet and sent her a $100 gift card for Starbucks with a note about "study help."

This has offically been the best mail-check ever. The bills weren't even there :)
Tags: friends, life in the apt, muskrat
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