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I get aggravated when.....

I'm trying to text someone and, since the phone they sent me (even though it is the same phone it is the old version of it, pre software OS change) doesn't have the dictionary feature, I have to write out "pimp" because T9 doesn't have it.

I mean, every time I want to tell one of my friends what a pimp she is I have to hit 74* then <- and -> 67*****

so annoying.

Oh, and the punctuation set up is different so when I try to send ? I've been sending ).

I know jessicakmalfoy lives on texting as much as I do, but does anyone else get this?


Aug. 31st, 2007 07:35 am (UTC)
My phone recently spazzed out and I didn't have texting for almost three weeks. I resorted to taking pics of things and writing notes and taking pics of that and sending them to people. My roomie asked me about us going somewhere after work once and I sent her a pic of me giving a thumbs up.

It is addicting. Never start.