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Water parks suck azz

Blue Bayou was.... well, sucky. The woman at the front desk thought we had given her two tickets when I had given her three, and TOLD her it was three when I gave them to her, so that was an ordeal. Then it was $27 for food after the $5 off coupon, oh, and Trev smashed his finger in a chair. It was one of those weird beach ones where the top comes up for sitting. The people in the First Aid were super sweet, but my mom had run off to get ice when it first happened (I ran to Trev, she ran for ice, he was screaming bloody murder) and they wanted to charge her $2.50 for it even though it was an emergency. FTW?!? And on the way out, sobbing child in arms, obviously just exiting the First Aid, they wanted us to walk back to the stand to return his life jacket even though there were about five employees standing around doing nothing. I stood there for a minute, tried to figure out how not to yell at them, and Donald took the jacket from me, threw it on the table in front of all of them (where it missed and hit the ground) and we walked out. I was livid.

Now we're home, his finger is fine but bruised, and I am more than just slightly kissed by the sun. Plan tonight.... cuddle and movies.



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Sep. 3rd, 2007 03:51 am (UTC)
"$2.50 Please, yes, we do realize your grandson is sceraming bloody murder. Hand over the money." WHAT ASSHOLES!

Can I join? *grabs eeyore stuffed animal*. Today has went from bad to worse, to horrid.
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