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I am caught up to ep 9! OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hiro, I love you. I love that you realized that no matter how powerful your time jumping ability may be that you are not God and cannot pretend to be. When he went back in season one and tried to save cute little red head (forgot her name) he couldn't because it was meant to be.
Peter, how the hell are you going to get Caitlin back? If you stop the virus that means that the future will change and she's just lost.
So, since Bob used Claire's blood to save Bennet does that mean that he had none left to cure Niki? Is that why the virus spreads?
Mohinder..... I want to slap you. Don't you know not to trust the company by now? You even met Bob's daughter.
Matt, you're really starting to scare me.
Claire, I'm happy you got a man and all that, but could he be a better actor please?
Peter? *sigh* You're too trusting.

anyone feel like chatting about the show? Next on my catch up list- Avatar. I've only seen to ep 5 so far, but I do have them all.
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