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Spammy McSpams A-lot

I forgot to say!

Valentine's Day last year Cobra Starship came to HOB with Cartel and a few other bands I really don't care about. I was going to go just to see them. Being the big VD though I got all depressed and didn't go, instead I've opted to see a movie with my friend Anthony and cuddle because we were both single. Well, since then fate has handed me the big ole "FUCK YOU EUGENIE!" where the Cobra is concerned. When I went to Chicago for the Honda Civic Tour they were the very first band to play. Since Erik decided last minute to join me on that trip and infuckingsisted that we stop and sleep in MO at a hotel even though I told him I could keep driving and didn't need to, especially since we left six hours later than I had originally planned on leaving due to his indecisiveness, I missed Cobra Starship. We got there right as Paul Wall was playing. I still haven't forgiven him. Then, for The Academy Is' Sleeping with Giants tour Cobra decided to join after the show that oops_in_the_apt and I went to.

Basically because I pussied out on the show that I was supposed to go to karma has been all, "You don't get to see them now..... EVA!"

Or at least until February 24th. They're coming back to N.O.

*happy dances until breaks foot*

You guys... there really are no words.

Wait, there are!

(I know I posted this before, but it bares repeating)