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YouTube pwns all

I love YouTube. Why do I love it so much? Because, for the most part, people are really nice. When I went to the Fall Out Boy show last December and posted my vids on there this girl asked me for the originals for her own collection, which I sent because I have some original videos from some shows and they are so much better in quality before they get on youtube. I had uploaded my videos from VooDoo a few weeks back and while looking through vids I found someone who had the same vid as me, but his position was waaaaaaaaaaaay better. Anywho, I asked him for the original, which he sent, and he commented that the sound quality on mine was better, so I sent it to him.

He synced them :D

This really is a great cover, and I love Patrick's voice and him doing Mr. Brightside is like, well, all sorts of dirty perverted things. Just watch (and listen, 'cause that's my audio).

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