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Look, it's not a text-post!

Work has been crazy this week. It's like it refuses to stop, people aren't tipping all that awesome, but I'm making money by the sheer volume that my restaurant is doing. I haven't been leaving until 2a, but last night I got out early.... at one. Geez. And I have the Doctor Who Christmas ep and haven't had a minute to watch it.

I finished Eclipse a few days ago and woah. Sometimes (a lot, I admit) I just want to slap Bella. Yes, she's only 18, but sometimes she's overly selfish and childish. I guess Meyer got that right about teenage girls. As much as I'm loving the series (yeah, I'm hooked, I suck) it bothers me that the vampires are so perfect, for lack of a better word. The best vampire book I have ever read was Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite. I liked it so much because the vampires were fucked up individuals, and not in that tragic-angsty way that seems so popular now. Siriusly, if slash does not offend, GO GET IT. Poppy is a New Orleans writer and her use of vocabulary makes you need a dictionary right next to you.

G2G, I'm baking a Skor cake and then taking Trevor to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. Hopefully I can do more than text-update soon. Hey, or even check my flist. I miss you guys. TEXT ME!

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