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The funny thing about walk outs is...

people who walk out on their bill in a restaurant about 95% of the time walk in with the intention of not paying. They have a plan, they do it often, and they do it well. The other 5% is mingled between just plain out forgetting and those who wait too long for the check because the waiter is shitty and just end up leaving because of that. Those usually leave money on the table by guessing the bill sans tip (obviously). Thing you may not know is most places have a policy that it is the waiter's fault regardless and that's who ends up paying the bill. It's mostly at places like Applebee's and Fridays that have these policies, lower end chain places. At Bravo we were allowed one walk out a year, the others we paid for. Nicer places tend to have less walk outs so the management is more lenient when they do happen. Not that my place is 'nice' but I've been there a year in March and I had my first walk out Mardi Gras day. It was my first walk out in something like six years. But I digress (oh, so lyric dropped)... People who do this may not realize that the company does not just eat the cost of their food, but the waiter does. And places were walk outs are more common chances are the cost of the meal is what the person made in their whole shift.

But karma, oh, how you rock.

Maya sent me a text today that she had a couple walk out on their check. She works at Sake Cafe, a Japanese place (I used to work there for a minute too if ya'll recall) and a couple's bill couldn't have been more than $40. Maya is not a shitty waiter so I would have to say they weren't waiting for the bill. Other part of the text- the girl left her purse! I asked what kind and she said it was a Coach sling, and there was money in the purse. The purse alone is probably worth somewhere between $120 and $160 depending on pattern and style, and God only knows what else she had in it. How do you think that $40 free meal feels to her right now :D

Of course, they didn't come back for it.
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