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I'm officially caught up on my Lost.

Wow, just, WOW

I like the flash forward thing and how it's going backwards. Which means that the last thing we know about Jack is that he flips the fuck out. When he sees Hurley and Kate in their flash forwards he seems sober and perfectly together. So, what happened to make him flip?

Eight people survived the crash? Six were rescued. I'm assuming Ben isn't on the list of people that made it off the island with the "survivors" so we only know of five:
If, by some means, they gave Ben the name of someone else then we know who all six are, but I don't believe that. That means we have one more flash forward of a survivor. There's the funeral in Jack's flash forward that no one shows to but him and I want to assume that this is the last person but it would be odd that they're all famous and no one would show. Also, that Hurley had the hallucination of Charlie saying that the others needed him I'm guessing that an assload of people decided to stay put (Locke and Sawyer being guesses) or were left behind. Also, I'm guessing that there's going to be a lot more deaths this season.

Why would Jack not want to see Aaron? Is Claire dead and was it somehow Jack's fault? Does he discover that Claire is his little sister and that ties into it? The minute Kate's "son" was mentioned I knew it was Aaron. Don't know how, just did. And why isn't Claire mourning Charlie more? In their timeline it's only been days since his death. It's like when Harry just glazed over Sirius' death in book six.

Sayid working for Ben?!?!?! Wow. And that comment Ben makes about Sayid's thinking with his heart and Sayid's response that that's how Ben got him to work for him? So, there was Shannon, but I don't know how that plays in at all, and there's the girl who's name I can't remember but Sayid was looking for her and on his way to her (I think) when the plane crashed. I really want to re-watch seasons one and two now.

What happens to Jin and Sun since we only have one survivor left? I really wanted to see them get off. They have to be one of my fav tv couples of all time :(

ETA: I just read Wikipedia's page on Lost and apparently Aaron isn't counted as one of the "Oceanic Six" as they're refered to, probably due to being born on the island. And, OMG, their character list is amazing. I never realized how many of the characters cross referenced before. And when the fuck do we find out that Sarah (Jack's X) is has a child? That was never mentioned! They also have a whole chart of minor characters and how they tie into islanders.
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