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My first Cobra experience :D

The concert last night was WOW! I didn't even know who the opening acts were but here is my opinion (not that it matters but it is my journal):

The Cab: The music was good. The performance.... they're a new band, they have time. They did cover that horrible "I'll Be" song that came out the 90's. After laughing with oops_in_the_apt about how they must have been in the womb when it was released (and the song ended, thank God) we enjoyed the rest of the show. I will be getting the cd.

We The Kings: At first I wasn't that impressed. Then as the show went on I was won over by their energy and the music got better.

Metro Station: It took them playing that Shake It song for me to realize who they were and then I couldn't stop laughing because the band is Miley Cyrus' older brother's thing. As far as music goes it was good, but really mainstream (but, hey, The Cab sounds like everything else on Decaydance right now). The performance though was awesome. I mean it, they were everywhere, kept the sound level, and managed to do put on one hell of a show for a new band. Impressed doesn't begin to say it. I doubt I'll get the cd, but I will see them again live. Does that make sense? Hey, it's how I feel about From First To Last too.

Me and Mindy got pretty close to the stage, which was good. Just.... wow. Anyone who knows about me and music knows I've been to an assload of shows, I've seen legends live (come on, how many people you know can say they've seen The Eagles, Clapton, and even Tom Petty that are my age?) and prefer to be on floor whenever I can. Cobra has made my Top 5 performances of all time. I mean this. The show was incredible, you can tell they were having a blast the entire time, Gabe was HILARIOUS, and the music was dead on. If you can see them, SEE THEM. OMG, and watching him drop it like it's hot (yeah, I said it) during Hey Mister DJ was a giggle fit from hell. They also came out and did an acoustic Being From Jersey... and I'm a sucker for anything done like that. Side note would be that most people on the Decaydance label tend to do this half-assed gay thing on stage and Gabe was hanging all over Vicky T, which I thought was totally cute. That Gabe never stopped dancing and had almost a constant banter with Ryland in between songs was also awesome (I like it when a band shows they have personality and they don't just play music, I'm a sucker for it really) and he pointed out people from the audience he recognized from other shows. Banter from the night after they started talking about the amount they were sweating and referred to it as "sex juices" or something similar:
Ryland (to Gabe): Pretty soon you're going to have to start spreading your seed.
audience member: In my mouth!
Gabe: laughs

High energy, never stopped once, just fanfuckingtastic show.

I'm supposed to be at the NOFX show tonight but I slept 18 hours and woke up feeling like crap. Odd how too much sleep can actually hurt you. Then I took a nap not too long ago.

Warped Tour in Houston is the closest it's coming to me. Anyone interested in a meet up?
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