July 18th, 2007

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Deathly Hallows, non-spoilery

I've been trying to post this since earlier but LJ has been iffy.

Well, I'm sure the lot of you have heard that someone broke into so-and-so's office with a digital camera and took pics of every page of DH. Last night before work just to see if it was true I dled something. Turns out it was fanfic, really long fanfic, but had a decent JKR-ery start. I didn't find this out until around 3a when I get off of work and I'm on myspace this ASSHOLE I work with posts a bulletin that says "THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!" and since his bulletins are usually pretty funny I openned. Guess what it was...... the list of who dies and what page their death happens on. Oh, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pissed. I mean, I was all worried about LJ but myspace didn't even hit me to worry about. The same guy is on lizzie9281</lj>'s myspace as well but somehow she managed to not read the whole thing. Instead of having another Dumbledore event like last year where every moment waiting for the book was hell because all I could think about was the death I made a decision. I found the real copy (which is literally photos of the book) and started to read. I'm 13 chapters in. I think at this point I can stop and put it down, but I was just so pissed that he even did that that it was the only thing I could do to not make myself think about it was confront it. On the way to work today I called everyone I knew that was one of my friends on Drew's (the asshat in question) myspace as well to warn them off.


I know Mindy and Liz are pissed at me because I have the book (however vague my copy is) but I think if I would have had the book right after knowing about Dumbledore that it wouldn't have ruined the book as much for me. So far I'm not looking for hidden signs the way I was for HBP.

I originally went looking for it out of curiosity to see if it was real, read the first few pages, and then wait until friday.