April 25th, 2008

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two shows, one post. I multi-task

Last night was the My Chemical Romance show at HOB and it was WOAH! Yeah, they put on a great live show, and the small venue was awesome, and even better was the fact that they made sure that you got to see all of them. No HCT problems where they put Spencer all the way in the effing back and there was no way in hell that he was seen. From what I've heard of them live Mikey usually stays to the back but he was up stage, right next to his brother, the entire time. Bob's drums were elevated and he was incredible with the drums. I was happy. Oh, and I was also center stage with only one person between me and the barricade.

I really want to go to the AL show now damn it!

Sound-wise they rocked. They kept the beats well and still managed to preform. Oh, and Gerard is expressive right down to his eyebrows. Campy does not even begin to describe him <3

Panic at the Disco was WOW! I took enough videos so you can see, although since me and oops_in_the_apt were right by the speakers the bass feed back sucked. The Hush Sound, who opened for them, were just as good as I hoped they would be. Now I really want to catch them on a tour of their own so I can see them play a full set, not just thirty minutes. Didn't get many pics because the camera I had to sneak in sucked but they video is nice. As usual, search vinofaerie at youtube if you wanna see some Hush Sound and Panic.

Next is either She Wants Revenge or Mindless Self Indulgence. I can't remember.
BOOK Good Omens god quote

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Panic had a certain something in mind when they wrote this new album. Can ya'll guess what it is?

My night is going that way.
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