June 20th, 2008

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I forgot what this was like

Have you ever had one of those moments where you were being told to do something, you know, like you know you should do something but you don't? I had one tonight and I did it.

I was leaving 80's night around 3a (I got there at 11p and danced nonstop) and there was a guy sitting on the stairs right outside the club writing in a small journal. I asked him what he was writing and he just said, "I like to keep track of the things I do." I kept walking. About half way down the block I stopped to lean against a sign to take my heels off (dancing for four hours straight... pain!) and something was telling me to go back and talk to him. I took my shoes off and I did. I ended up having a conversation with this guy for the next 40 minutes about the reasons behind why we do what we do in life. He's not even from here, he's leaving in a few day and I know I will never see him again but it was probably one of the most profound talks I have ever had in my life. I met someone who honestly wants to make this world a better place and sees that even though he may not be the one person that changes it he may be one of the ones that takes a part and begins to make that change.

Talking to him made me remember why I want to teach.

I have a feeling that I met someone tonight that will do something amazing in his life, something that will matter more than most.

He understood what I meant when I said that mediocrity doesn't mean someone has to be unhappy, we're just trained that way.

We hugged when I left and he went to go find his friends. I hope he never loses his drive. If there were more people like him I think this world would be better.
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The line up for VooDoo was released today and WOWOWOWOWOW!


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But let me explain Shudder to Think. There are bands that I ♥ that I only discovered either after they were broken up or some singer that was dead (think Jeff Buckley here... who did a song w/ Shudder to Think oddly enough) so I never got to see them. StT broke up a few years before I stumbled across them. I've linked ya'll to vids of theirs before and it was one of those things that was always in the back of my mind that I never got to see these guys.


I know that NIN and STP are headlining two days and that's awesome and all that but I've seen them before (NIN at least four times I think) but I've never seen Dashboard Confessional either so that makes me really happy. And Cold War Kids! I know the icon is apparent so, yeah, Panic at the Disco is going to be there too.

Now if MSI would just sign up. They usually play every year but this marks the second year they're not as far as I know.

Ya'll don't even know how happy I am. I've already made plans to not have Trevor all weekend for this. See Frank holding the Xbox? Dude, that doesn't even compare to how much I'm going to be cheesing when I get my three day pass :D

ETA: HOLY SHIT! How could I miss this?!? I was just going over the list with oops_in_the_apt and I read The Gutter Twins and it was liek w0ah!

Gutter Twins is Greg Dulli's band after The Afghan Whigs broke up. Afghan Whigs was my obsession for about three or four years (think about me with FOB and you'll know). Til this day one of my points of pride is that I got to see them at the Shim Sham (now One Eyed Jacks where I got to 80's night) for seven bucks. I ended up in the E.R. the next day cause I was so sick but I went anyway and stood a little over a foot away from him and watched him play, nearly passing out a few times but thankfully Erik held me up.

This is going to be the best Voodoo EVER!
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I know this is meaningless but...

Sorry to spam, but I couldn't edit the other post because this has nothing to do with music.

Billie Piper is pregnant!

I know I usually don't post celebrity gossip and such but I love her so much, and not just as Rose. The fact that Secret Diary of a Call Girl has been contracted to do three seasons when they've only done one so far makes me really happy 'cause it's an awesome show. Showtime picked up the first season and should start airing it soon. She also rocked in Mansfield Park.

Yea! for Billie! She had somewhat of a crappy start so it's good that things are going well for her :)
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the Doctor is in!

Since oops_in_the_apt has her man over I'm watching Doctor Who with ear buds. She's cooking him diner, it's so cute.

But that's not the point of this post.

Point is when I plug in my ear buds a screen always comes up and I usually X it out. This time I played with it a little bit and adjusted the sound and WOAH. So awesome! It sounds like I'm in a theatre, but in the comfort of my own home eating a pizza w/ whole wheat crust from Papa John's.

So, now on to Midnight which, from what I've seen on the interwebz, it has very little Donna time, a flash of Rose while the Doctor's back is turned, and something scary that people have been saying reminds them of Blink. I don't care what anyone says there is nothing scarier than Blink.

Wait about 45 minutes and if anyone wants to chat about Doctor Who comment here. So, yeah, spoilers will be mentioned.

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New mood theme. It's the 9th and 10th Doctors plus all the other people that were with them. There is Donna footage, but more Martha than I would like. I've only started to really like her this season, but the lack of her oogling the Doctor has helped that a lot. Since I've only been into Doctor Who since these two Doctors I think this is more fitting. And once Heroes comes back I will go back to that mood theme. If anyone sees a Dexter animated mood theme around let me know :*