July 9th, 2008

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The show last night, part 1

The show last night... OMG THE SHOW LAST NIGHT!

I'm still uploading video 'cause I brought two memory cards since the Panic at the Disco thing where I ran out of room. Five of Cobra, eight of The Academy Is... and I don't even know how many of Gym Class 'cause I haven't started on those yet. I know I got two new songs and they were awesome, even though they played at least three. The Academy played two new songs (and said they had an album dropping in August) but I didn't get them. I knew that Gym Class has been in the studio but they said their album isn't hitting until September. I still got more good music to look forward to this year!

Cobra was Cobra, and here's a video to show you the awesome.

The funny of that is he's only allowed to preform about 20 seconds of that song if I remember correctly.

The Acadmey Is...

I heard Almost Here and a few other songs by them but this was the one that made me love them. "I make plans to break plans and I'm planning something big." ♥

And 'cause they're giant dorks I have some guest appearances too!

Cobra Starship with William Beckett doing Bring It

Gabe's yelling "Where the fuck is Travis!" is hilarious but I really wanted him up there to do this song. For the Really Really Good Looking Guys Tour he pulled two girls from the audience to do Travis' part too. Travis didn't show up for Kiss My Sass either. I would have thought he was somewhere getting high but he announced during GCH set that he's been sober for five months.

The Academy Is... Classifieds

Gabe and his dorky glasses for the win! And William's tight pants too. He must have to peel himself out of those things.

That's the first part of this. I'm going to post again once I have all the videos of GCH up about their set. OMG! The covers they did! This was my second time seeing Cobra, and third for The Academy and GCH. As of this show I've seen them all headline. GCH.... they never disappoint and it was even better now that they got a full set. Woah.
BOOK Good Omens god quote

The show last night, part 2

Gym Class Heroes.....

Travis is so expresive when he performs! His guestures, his face, the way he moves.... everything just flows. So here I have some videos. First, they covered When Doves Cry. I am urging all of you to watch it now before Universal takes off the audio like they've been doing to every vid up on youtube of it. Apparently Prince doesn't want his song on youtube. I love Prince but why does he have to be such an ass? Travis asked the light guy to make the stage as purple as possible for the song :)
I'm going to post this now and edit with the rest. Apparently the audio is being ripped off pretty quick.

ETA: They did some new stuff. Here's one of the new songs:

And then they did this little medley thing of The Papercut Chronicles and closed it with a Lamb of God cover. Oh, yes, they did death metal! And did it well, I might add!

And the last video I'm going to expose you to is another cover. This one of The Zombie's Time of the Season. Yeah, they go from Prince to rap to death metal to this. LOVE people LOVE!

And guess who I got a pic with?
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Thanks for dealing with me. The show was SO AWESOME. I upload 25 videos total and they're all at www.youtube.com/vinofaerie if anyone wants to kill some time.