July 22nd, 2008

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I decided to....

I was dithering back and for on the options on where to road trip. I didn't want to go too far, no more than 10 hours 'cause I'm only going for an extended weekend. I was between visiting my friend Aimee in Texas and my friend Blair in Florida. I was thinking about just saying "fuck it" and going to Chicago since a few of my friends have moved there recently and have asked me to come visit, as well as Jeremy whose been telling me to get off my ass and take a vacay to see him. Which, I might still do, but I can't leave until September at the earliest 'cause of Erik's trips he's taking out of town for August. I was planning on driving (I want my car, damn it!) but 19 hours is a lot of time, and basically steals two days of the four and a half I can be gone. Half, cause I'm leaving on Friday and coming back Tuesday before work.

After careful consideration I've decided to say fuck it to all and just go visit jessicakmalfoy instead.

I know, getting on a plane (I'm not driving 24 hours, gas alone would run me the cost of the ticket, not to mention what it would do to my car) kinda defeats the purpose of a road trip. I might just take a Thursday off and spend the day in Mississippi again at the Hard Rock.

But I still really want to go back to Chicago. I might go next semester (not this one, too much money to planes) for break. Or, once again, the "fuck it" thing might happen and I might just end up there at some point anyway.
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