November 11th, 2008

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good day :)

You know what's awesome? Checking your account and your money situation and realizing oh shit I have monies! And not just random money, but bills are paid (cell phone is even $150 ahead for next month) and not only is my car note covered but I also have next month's payment plus some already in my account.

You know what's the awesome that goes with that? Going into Best Buy and there being 20 Wii game systems there.

Guess what brat attack is getting for Christmas :)

Now on to the show-

The first band sucked so bad it wasn't even funny. The second band, Hit the Lights, was really good. High energy and a lot of fun. That they did this blew my mind!

Scary Kids Scaring Kids were really amazing. The lead singer can really belt it out. They're from Texas so it was sorta a home show for them and the people were crazy. I mean it, I have a bruise on my ass and one forming on my ribs. Pain liek woah.

Cobra was- oh, Cobra :)

I really don't have to get into how amazing they were, always are. The reason I like seeing them so much and will drive five hours just for a show (and will do it again) is how much fun they are. Watch the video above, how they act. The show isn't just about the music for them, it is a show. They talk in between every song, and there was even a ten minute Pleasure Ryland (I have it on video, check it out if you have the time) which is only a two minute song 'cause of Ryland's intro.

So. Much. Fun.

Me and Melanie had out "NOLA Girls ♥ Cobra" shirts on that we had made and I wore leg warmers on my ankles with heels (so 80's!) so I could see the stage. I hate being short! They opened with The Church of Hot Addiction which is my fav and just went from there. They closed with Guilty Pleasure (of course!) and confetti.

Wanna know what was also awesome about this? Between four girls it only cost us $15 each for gas there and back.

If I get off of work in time Thursday it's Dropkick Murphys and next week Post Secret and TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Later this month The Toadies are playing for super cheap and the first of Dec 3OH!3 is coming. I think November could quite possibly be my favorite month this year.