March 15th, 2009

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Ok, so it's weird that I feel like I have nothing to post when I am happy. Everything is right in my world. Money in the bank (yea!) no strife in my life (not even with Erik at the moment) and the Abita strawberry beer is in season.

If there were two things I wish I could change it would be that I wouldn't be about to move in with my mom until August and the writer's block would be gone.

Even my days move smooth. Me and the kid have been chilling (he just reached past me to get the remote to change the chanel and told me to 'keep doing your thing'), ordered a pizza and he had chinese food.

I know I've said this before but it hits kinda hard when he does things that just start to scream I AM NOT A LITTLE BABY ANYMORE. Like his conversations. I don't want to say they're adult by any means, but they are more grown up. It's just in the way he speaks, and he's concise about what he wants to discuss.

My boy is seven and I'm already thinking about what he's going to be like at ten. At thirteen.

It's hard for me to remember I was twenty when I had him. I don't feel like a young mother but I know that I am. My mom was twenty seven when she had me.

I wouldn't want my life any other way despite the parts of it that suck.
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