April 20th, 2009

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Short and sweet

I wish I had more time to update but this is what I have.... late night pull outs with the laptop. I read my flist on my phone but I'm so used to just clicking "open in another tab" on entries to comment on them and my main phone time is at work so I usually forget what I want to say before I get to it but yeeeeeeeeeeah- point being I've been reading but no time to comment.

The show tonight was AMAZING! Gabe really does sound different and Cobra's set was incredibly short but I expected that. Still so much fun! They had a hoodie that was sorta old school MJ that me and Melanie bought.

Fall Out Boy! OMG I LOVE THIS BAND! Absolutely every part about their performance was perfect! I have video (of course I do) but I don't know when I'll be able to upload it. Every time I see them I fall in love with them all over again.

Saw Electric Six Friday night and was impressed by them. Some friends of mine had an extra ticket so I got recruited. In turn they're coming with me to Forgive Durden next month.

I'm sick. Sick Sick Sick. Blergh.

It was awesome to see oops_in_the_apt tonight. We haven't seen each other since the "separation". It kinda sucks 'cause even though we didn't see each other all the time when we lived together it was still more than this.

My nose won't stop running! (well you better run and catch it!)

If you have a twitter follow me! I have the twitter app on my phone and it's so easy to check. I love it. LJ needs a blackberry app.