December 20th, 2009

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I was at work until 4:30a guys! FOUR THIRTY IN THE FUCKING MORNING! My job has the policy that if they're coming in the doors you don't close them. And after the game was over they started coming in in herds! I made money but had my ass handed to me. It was so nice! I miss being busy, and walking with $58 in cash as well as slightly over a bill to go on my paycheck was nice, too. Not that that makes up for a $20 Monday and a $4 Tuesday but it's a start.

Today is oops_in_the_apt's graduation and birthday all rolled into one. I'm about to jump in the shower to head out to UNO to watch her walk across the stage before going off to work. I'm so proud of her!

My final for Swedish is Tuesday and I'm a little nervous. I don't feel like my timing will be correct but my teacher said not to worry, we're doing great, yeah yeah yeah (WAIT THEY DON"T LOVE YOU LIKE I LOVE YOU) but I'm sure it's typical nerves.

And yes, we lost. To the fucking Cowboys. Ewwwwww. My chest hurt when it was over. HURT!

I need a Saints icon. My boys are still going to the Super Bowl. And guess what else? WORLD CUP 2010!

I will now bring this capslock/exclamation points entry to a close. Have a pleasant day.