October 26th, 2010


my hair smells like Retread

jessicakmalfoy linked one of my old D/G fanfics on the twitter account and I got nostalgic. I remember writing like that and loving getting involved in the fanfics. Now I just feel kinda listless with my writing and, even though I do still drabble original work on occasion, I don't have any real motivation to see it go elsewhere.

Where did my inspiration go? To hell and never back with my free time?

I'm going jogging. I was going to hoop for 30 minutes but I can't find any conclusive answers on how many calories it burns. Shut up, I know I got back on the train. I'm pulling the steam horn now....


eta: on a depressing note I just found an old pair of cords from when I was a size 7. A. SEVEN.