May 27th, 2011

TBBT Mario

I will be able to hear the music from my back yard

Long time no update, huh?

Once again, major stuff! So, the moving out thing getting kicked back? Not so much. I got a place in Midcity, a three bedroom half double shotgun for $850. If you knew the area you'd know that's a damn steal. I mean it. Central air and heat, off street parking, back yard, walking distance from NOMA (New Orleans Museum of Art), City Park, great coffee shops, amazing restaurants, and it's an excellent part of the city. Safe, quiet, and so much around for muskrat to get into. I'm happy. I move in on the first and it's gonna be tight financially for a while but worth it. They're leaving me the sofa of the previous tenant and a friend is giving me a solid wood bunk bed for the kid and those were the only two pieces of furniture I was missing.

Because of this I've been working myself into the ground. And I mean into it. I work seven days a week. I do that anyway but now I've been pulling more doubles between my two jobs and taking more side events. I turn thirty next Saturday and, even though I'm going out to eat, I'd rather be home sleeping. I'm so far behind on my tv shows I haven't seen Doctor Who since the first two eps. Yes, I admit, I haven't seen the infamous Neil Gaiman ep yet. I feel like a bad fangirl. I haven't seen the finale of Supernatural, and I'm half the season behind in Big Bang Theory. I plan on buying an Xbox so we can get the Kinect because I want the kid to have active video games if he's going to play them. Then I can upload my avi files on it to watch. Maya is giving me her elliptical machine so YAY! I'll have reasons to not leave the house.

Not I'm leaving to go jogging. I haven't been in about two months. I had to buy jeans tonight for work tomorrow and I don't want to talk about what size I had to buy. I can't wait until I'm in a place where I can cook for myself and control what is in the house.

Just, you know, fucking finally.