August 24th, 2011

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Quickie at the Fair Grinds

Still have no internet, won't be getting it anytime soon. Can't afford it when there's so much more I want to do. Also, to busy to sit at home and wait for Cox.

Muskrat loves his new school. There's more homework and, after a minor beginning freak out, he's handling it better. I like the structure, he likes the kids and his first ever male teacher. Yay! He started fencing this week as his new sport, signed up for the chess team again, and the school play. Right now he's sitting across from me reading while we wait for his dad to join us for dinner.

I switched jobs. I quit the doc's office after she tried to pull a total cunt move and cut my pay by $15 a massage. So I went from making $30-$40 a massage to $15-$25. I moved to Harrah's and made enough in the first three days to buy me and Muskrat's tickets to Albuquerque to visit jessicakmalfoy for the Balloon Fiesta in October. OMG WE'RE FINALLY GOING TO ABQ!!!!!!!

Problem with the job is it isn't consistent but it's still more money for less work. I'm also an independent contractor now so I have to file my taxes every three months on my own. Poop.

Finally got promoted at Lush! Key Holder, and I know it's not much, but it's more responsibility and I love it. Also, if you follow us on FB or the NA forum, all those updates are me, and have been for a while. It's what I do :D

New home, still loving it. Me and 'Rat are having so much fun it just being us. Finally got him a solid wood chest of drawers, stained it myself, and he's reading more than ever. It's a pleasant change from the constant video game head he had while living with my mom.

I've lost some weight. Not consciously, it's just been happening by not living in a house that's run on Chips Ahoy anymore. Go team Me!

All I do is sit at home, read, and catch up on my tv shows. It's a very quiet life right now. I really love it. I've watched all of Dollhouse, Breaking Bad, Nip/Tuck (I was missing the last season), Torchwood (not the new one, the BBC one), Doctor Who, and I'm on the second to last disc of Dark Angel right now. Yes, it's horrible but Jensen Ackles is smoking and worth all of Jessica Alba's bad acting.

Text me or hit me up on FB. My lj app on my phone doesn't work for shit so I know nothing of no one. Miss you guys!
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