September 16th, 2011

DW 11 poke it with a stick

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Everyone knows I make impulse buys.... so I brought back my Kindle and got a Nook instead. Touch screen is just so much easier. Also, no need to figure out how to hack it since it's made to be customizable. Yeah, better choice.

I have a house guest right now. My friend Aviva is staying with me until the day before we leave. It's nice to have an adult in the house, makes me miss having a room mate a bit. But the difference is I know she's leaving. Also, I'm never home. It's fun to have her dog to play with, though.

Random, random, random- I'm getting eaten by mosquitoes right now. I think I'm dinner.

I'm almost done with the Fablehaven series. Then it will be on to The Hunger Games so certain people *cought*jessicakmalfoy*cough* can stop telling me to read it.

I have nothing really up there to report. Life is calm. Muskrat enjoys fencing and school, I work and read. That's really about it. Life is kinda boring right now.