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happiness is a live show

After trying to see them for eight or so years I finally got to see Mindless Self Indulgence last night.

So fucking crazy.

Music was spot on, dancing ensued, and the crowd was pushing every where.

Next show is She Wants Revenge on Sunday.

the_tainted and her man are on their way over to watch I Am Legend. She's never seen it and I'm reading the book right now. Yeah, totally didn't know it was a vampire book and three pages in you realize the movie took a lot of creative licence with the idea but I do love the movie as it is and the book is sucking me in hard too.

I just finished A Clockwork Orange yesterday and I don't understand why I haven't read it before. I'm really lacking in my book smarts as of the last few years.

I've mentioned this guy, Joe G, on here before. He's one of my coworkers at GB, really cool guy, and we talk sci-fi and books a lot. Yeah, he quit the other day. I didn't want to get all negative on Mother's Day but I hated being it work. It made me remember how much I hated that place and why I quit. Everyone worth anyone there is leaving. I think I'm just going to leave work at work, come in and not talk, and make my money. I can't stand being there anymore. Two weeks off taught me that much.


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May. 14th, 2008 03:28 pm (UTC)
whoa, work sucks that bad? not fun!

for your happiness
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