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sex anyone?

I just got back from the midnight Sex and the City movie and WOAH!

Ya'll know I'm not going to spoil for anything but I'M GOING SEE IT TWENTY MORE TIMES!

I finished In the Skin of a Lion last night and I was really all smilie. Anyone else read The English Patient? Just, Hana and the way she copes with her father's death in it is intense and that her father is Patrick (sorta, gotta read it!) just made me all sad. Now I started Divisadero and I'm about 100 pages in. Funny that the next book on my bookshelf was another Ondaatje but it works well. I just hope that when I'm finished this The Queen of the South won't be too much of a shock to my system after being spoiled by Ondaatje's flow. I really love this man.

<3 ya'll. 'Night!

ETA: I saw the movie tonight with Maya, Margaret, Senia, and some other people that I know and like. See, I'm making an effort to get my steady life back.
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