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meme of music

Gacked from kayleenyc

Ten songs I'm in to right now, in absolutely no order of preference what so ever.
*The Beatles~ Happiness is a Warm Gun
It's The Beatles... and this song gets stuck in my head at odd moments so I don't know.
*The Mars Volta~Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus Umbilical Syllables
One of my friends is really into this band so he got me into them and WOAH. The whole album is awesome, but off the wall at times- in a really good way. This song attached itself to me though,
*The Cure~ Catch
I love The Cure. One of the things I love the most about them is that they are excellent story tellers. This was the close second for the back tattoo.
*The Hush Sound~ Hurricane
I really could have just uploaded this entire album because it's nonstop right now on my ipod, but for the past week this is the song off of it I find catching me the most.
*OK Go~ Oh Lately its so Quiet
Once again, amazing album. This song just hurts though in that way that you listen to it a few times in a row before you go to the next.
*The Cab~ One of Those Nights
Yeah, Pete's next wonder boys. While the album is good I wouldn't by any means call it great but this song has a surprise attack by Patrick Stump (he wrote it) and Brendon Urie as well as being, well, theatrical. Just listen to it. The second song off the cd, Bounce reminds me a lot of Maroon 5.
*Silverchair~ Straight Line
Didn't know these guys were still around? Yeah, me neither. 2007 album Young Modern is, from start to finish, an excellent show of how a band can grow together that's been together since the guys were 14. Remember Tomorrow? Not even the same sound.
*My Chemical Romance~ House of Wolves
I didn't want to repeat any bands on this list, so I picked the ones that I was the most into out of the bands I keep on repeat right now. This song makes me run the fastest while I'm jogging. And you can dance to it all night ;)
*Gym Class Heroes~ Viva la White Girl
I was stuck between this and Shoot Down the Stars but the the melody in this is just so, idk, smooth, it won out in the end. My old journal title is from this song.
*Mindless Self Indulgence~ Never Wanted to Dance
Out of all of these this is probably the closest to an obsession right now. The beat is tight, and, well, it's MSI. You really can't describe their music.

Anyone notice what's odd about this list?

Went to eat tonight with the_tainted kinda like an early b-day thing/having girl time/let's drink coffee at eleven sorta thing. So Much Fun. Thanks for coming out girl!
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