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the Doctor is in!

Since oops_in_the_apt has her man over I'm watching Doctor Who with ear buds. She's cooking him diner, it's so cute.

But that's not the point of this post.

Point is when I plug in my ear buds a screen always comes up and I usually X it out. This time I played with it a little bit and adjusted the sound and WOAH. So awesome! It sounds like I'm in a theatre, but in the comfort of my own home eating a pizza w/ whole wheat crust from Papa John's.

So, now on to Midnight which, from what I've seen on the interwebz, it has very little Donna time, a flash of Rose while the Doctor's back is turned, and something scary that people have been saying reminds them of Blink. I don't care what anyone says there is nothing scarier than Blink.

Wait about 45 minutes and if anyone wants to chat about Doctor Who comment here. So, yeah, spoilers will be mentioned.

Rose at 16:34, same thing on TARDIS moniter on previous ep. Just yelling "Doctor" twice w/ no sound.

30:30 Oh fuck.... not as scary but intense as all fuck...

35:20 From killing her to hugging her? wtf?!?

The end: When he's talking to Donna the place where she repeats him and you can just see it on his face... Intense. This is the first time in any ep that I think I've seen him honestly scared. And that they were going to kill him- just- the couple, they were the worst.

New mood theme. It's the 9th and 10th Doctors plus all the other people that were with them. There is Donna footage, but more Martha than I would like. I've only started to really like her this season, but the lack of her oogling the Doctor has helped that a lot. Since I've only been into Doctor Who since these two Doctors I think this is more fitting. And once Heroes comes back I will go back to that mood theme. If anyone sees a Dexter animated mood theme around let me know :*
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