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The show last night, part 2

Gym Class Heroes.....

Travis is so expresive when he performs! His guestures, his face, the way he moves.... everything just flows. So here I have some videos. First, they covered When Doves Cry. I am urging all of you to watch it now before Universal takes off the audio like they've been doing to every vid up on youtube of it. Apparently Prince doesn't want his song on youtube. I love Prince but why does he have to be such an ass? Travis asked the light guy to make the stage as purple as possible for the song :)
I'm going to post this now and edit with the rest. Apparently the audio is being ripped off pretty quick.

ETA: They did some new stuff. Here's one of the new songs:

And then they did this little medley thing of The Papercut Chronicles and closed it with a Lamb of God cover. Oh, yes, they did death metal! And did it well, I might add!

And the last video I'm going to expose you to is another cover. This one of The Zombie's Time of the Season. Yeah, they go from Prince to rap to death metal to this. LOVE people LOVE!

And guess who I got a pic with?

Butcher from TAI with me and Tiffany. Totally cool guy, sweet as all hell to talk to. The last two guys I've made a point to meet at concerts were cool as shit. I was really buzzed (me and Melanie kept taking shots at the bar inbetween sets) so I got a little fangirly and told him that I drove to Chicago to see them at the HCT last year. He seemed pretty impressed. "You drove from here?" "Nineteen hours and worth every fucking minute." "Hell yeah!"
myspace pic!

Thanks for dealing with me. The show was SO AWESOME. I upload 25 videos total and they're all at www.youtube.com/vinofaerie if anyone wants to kill some time.


Jul. 10th, 2008 01:26 am (UTC)
dude, prince is suing all the bands that did a TRIBUTE album to him. that's right!!!!!!!!!!!! what a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!