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There was food tonight! the_tainted and hug_attack (hi, btw, noticed you on my info) came over and there was food, and it was yummy. Oh, and vegan. And there were vegan zucchini muffins made tonight! For baking sub 1/4 ripe banana or unsweetened apple sauce for each egg. I've been trying for a few months now and I would fuck up sometimes w/o realizing it and other times just because of lack of will power. I wasn't even thinking about it and my brain just clicked that I was eating that way anyway 'cause of all the cooking me and the_tainted were doing and the only times I would fuck up was when I would get the veggie muffuletta at work (cheese).

It's been awesome. Really. I've had more energy and I've just been happier. It's like when I decided to be a vegetarian but better.

All in all I've just been happier recently. I can't exactly put my finger on why but I have been. I've even been sleeping in my bed. I don't know if I've posted about this before but since me and oops_in_the_apt moved in together I sleep on the sofa. When it's really hot the A/C vent doesn't go near my bed, but it gets to Trevor's, so he's fine. I finally changed my bedroom set that I bought in March about two weeks ago and it's lighter than the one I had previously. I really should take a pic 'cause it's so pretty.

In short life is nice right now.

Oh oh OH! And the power of Blink is absolute. ABSOFUCKINGLUTE I tell you!
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