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The end of an era

For those of you that may not know Nickelodeon is showing the final eps of the series Avatar the Last Airbender this weekend. Tonight was "The Southern Raiders" (which I'm downloading now) with tomorrow "The Ember Island Players" and Sunday airing the last four.

It's over.

I'm sad but really excited to know how the series ends. Trevor and I just watched "The Boiling Rock" parts 1 & 2 and Mai's backing of Zuko as well as Ty-Lee's defense of her friend made me squee! hard core! I always liked Ty-lee and never did see how her upbeat attitude meshed with Azula. And Mai's thing for Zuko seemed genuine so when he decided to do the right thing and help Ang I figured she would be on his side. Not so much Ang's but Zuko. Oh! And that all Zuko wanted was to protect her :)

And Suki and Sokka's reunion! I've been waiting a while for that.

Can I have more Toph action? Please!

Well, on to Howl's Moving Castle. We bought it yesterday and we're having a snuggle and tv night. I'm all excited 'cause I've never seen it. I wanted to buy Spirited Away but Target didn't have it. I've bought that movie twice already and people keep taking it.
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