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I am Jack's.... something

I can't sleep again and I don't like that. On the up side I just wrote a few more pages on various stories (2 to be specific) that I've been working on on and off for a while. Not much progress but some is better than none. I seem to actually be able to write when I am at my wit's end with everything else (i.e., sleep). Maybe one day I'll finish something. I should just learn that when I sit down to write I need to not get up until its finished. It sucks that I know why I can't finish a story but that still doesn't keep me from fucking up the same way every time.

Oh, Dexter, you rock btw.

I accidentally had a milk based product today. I'm usually pretty good about checking ingredients in things but I took something for granted that I shouldn't have and I'm not happy with myself.


It's Sunday people, and the sun is outside my window. I see it, it's making it's presence known. But I still feel like Saturday and I'm running on Saturday's clock. It has more notches than I last remembered. I feel out of place right now, kinda like I'm not comfortable anywhere so I just stay in places I know and fake it. Sitting on the couch, yeah, not so much where I think I need to be.

I think I need to get the fuck out of this city for a few days.

I also think I need to sleep.

I had to drive over an hour today (yesterday) to pick Trevor up when I got off of work 'cause my mom took him to visit her friend who has a kid who is his friend. I liked the drive. It reminded me of how nice it is to leave. I think a road trip is coming on.
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