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I have a small problem. I call it "small" because I know, in the grand scheme of things, it really is quite small. But, to me, it's really huge. Like, ruin-my-happiness-huge.

My nano is dying.

I know ya'll see me talk about music and shows but I really don't think you can properly get how I am about music unless you see me day to day. My ipod goes with me where ever I go. I wear it on my walk to and from work and when I worked at GB I would wear it from parking my car to the elevator ride to my job. In my car I have a the aux wire that lets me hook my music right up. Let's not forget the song I have tattooed on my back at the sunset on my wrist is a reference to a Fall Out Boy lyric. My alarm clock plays cds to wake up to, and I spent about a bill on it when I bought it (I even blogged about it, it's somewhere in this lj when I got it I was so excited) because it didn't sound like an alarm clock, it sounded like a stereo. I am constantly turning people on to new types of music and I listen to everything. I've been like this since I was really young and Casey Kasem had it weekly top 40 syndicated every Sunday. I wouldn't miss it.

The middle button thing doesn't always work. Sometimes it clicks, other times it doesn't. The wheel thing and the buttons on it work just fine but when it comes down to me picking a song sometimes I have to press it a few times. Seeing as I use this when I jog it's a pain in the ass to have to concentrate on something else when I used to be able to just scroll and click.

Here's the dilemma. Obviously, I'm buying a new one. Thing is, my 80G ipod picture hardly holds a charge anymore so I rarely use it. I'm torn between buying another nano or putting out for the ipod classic. I really want the new 32G Touch that just came out but it makes no sense for me to pay that much for something that only holds half of my music. Maya has the classic and I like the idea of being able to carry around my favorite eps of Doctor Who (Blink whenever, where ever!) and watching Dexter on my break at work. I know the nano now does video but it'd be really small and I'd want to enjoy it. Yeah, I know, I could get a shuffle for working out 'cause those are really cheap right now but I enjoy being able to pick my music. So, a poll.

What ipod should I get?


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