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Ok, um, not happy with the not knowing what happened with Zuko and his mother, how he finds her her- if he finds her. This was something I really wanted to see his character have closure on. Even if it would have just showed him knocking on a door and her opening it, that would have been enough.

Toph's parents? Where were they? After she decided she wanted her big Zuko field trip to be spent talking about her relationship with them you think that they would have at least been at the coronation of Zuko. This is a kids' show... they made everything else all happy. Hell, we still don't even know if Jet is dead (and I liked how that was poked fun of in the play).

The Aang/Katara thing... not so much. It completely went against everything that went on in the entire series up until their final kiss. In fact, it was only until the end of the series that we started to discover that Avatars had husbands/wives. Was it just me or did she seem to have more chemistry w/ Zuko (yeah, as much as cartoon characters can have chemistry... leave me alone, this is my lj)? The time when she almost healed him, and other various moments. In fact, when they were faced with the prospect of being romantic by the play and by June they both protested a bit too much. Teenagers, hormones, whatever. I was not happy with the Aang/Katara ship docking bit. HE'S 12! She's 15! Three years isn't so huge but here it kinda is. Making out at 12? Really? Eh.

I really liked Sokka/Suki. Their mutual dork complimented each other. When she tried the whole nick-name thing is was such a Sokka moment it was cute. I even liked Zuko/Mai. Her cold attitude seemed to only break down around him and you could tell he smiled and let his guard down around her. Out of all the couples and possible couples shows these were the most believable, the most adult, I guess.

Iroh! ILY! I liked how he eventually became what we all knew he was from the start, someone that was beyond being separated by the four nations, in a group that represented more than something elemental and resided in the spiritual. You always got that from him, the way he respected all nations and admired them equally. Even his technique of lightning channeling showed his versatility beyond his own nation's ideas.

On Azula I'm kinda mixed. If Zuko had killed her it would have been against everything Aang believed in, but it was more than that. Even his Uncle pointed it out: to kill a sibling it would have just been seen as a power play to win the throne. With Azula poised to be the new Fire Lord Zuko couldn't have killed her w/o falling into that same label. But I think she was too dangerous to be let live and it ends w/o us being told how she was contained. We know what happens to Fire Lord Ozai but that is all.

The things I loved about the series remained intact. I always loved the animation and Aang's fight with Ozai along with Azula and Zuko's Agni Kai were beautiful. The colors, the movement, it was always more like dancing. I liked the storyline, always, but the animation is what gets me to watch certain eps over and over. To date my favorite is Toph's fight against all the other earth benders in the beginning of her story with the visualization of how she sees. When they flashed a bit of that in Aang's fight with Ozai I smiled from ear to ear. There were small ways that they showed he mastered the elements, and to me, this was him mastering earth bending to its fullest.

Toph, at 12, is w/o a doubt the greatest earth bender. Come on, she sees with it, invents metal bending, and eventually learns to sand bend when she expressed being "blind" when they were outside the library in the dessert. I believe it’s only her age that prevents her from truly coming into her own.

Katara and the blood bending bothered me. When she used it against the old lady (whose name I can't remember) it was understandable. But when trying to avenge her mother it showed a darker side to her that I didn't really think existed. I was surprised she didn't use it against Azula in the final fight but maybe it was that she didn't that was the big thing. Then again, Azula didn't kill her mom.

Ty Lee joining the Kyoshi Warriors was a bit out of nowhere but I'm glad they wrapped her story up unlike some of the others. We saw Mai, you know they had to being her out somewhere too. I did agree with mynuet when she said that Mai being released from prison by her uncle was a long shot when the man would rather die than see his record broken... but he did take it personally against Zuko that he broke her heart and even got her in to see him. With it being Azula who ordered her locked up and her being uprooted, as well as Zuko becoming Fire Lord it makes sense to think that he would know it would be ok to release her, but from what little we saw of his character it didn't sit well. I think he would have made her comfortable, not really treated her like a prisoner, but he wouldn't have released her except under direct orders. Idk, let's not forget that a 12 year old got a make out session with a girl who was more a mother to him than showed interest, so anything is possible.

I think there were enough loose ends that there can eventually be another movie that Nickelodeon will pull out one day. Possibly with Azula escaping from where ever they put her, Aang still learning how to bend 'cause it was obvious he didn't have everything down, and some answers about Zuko's mom and perhaps we'll know if it really was Iroh's son's face that Koh stole. I would also like to know more about his journey into the spirit world. There is so much they left unanswered! GRRRRRRRRRR!

I'm happy but not. I needed more to have closure, but all they gave was enough that I'll still be watching the series years from now. I guess that was the point.
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