Allons-y! (moltobene1925) wrote,

let's put a smile on that face!

I went Monday to have the outline of the vines on my chest finished and I had asked Nixxon to color in the chests of the birds white while he was at it a few weeks ago when he only finished half the gold. So I get there, I'm getting myself all settled and comfortable to get inked and he's pouring the colors in their respective little cups... and he pours two different shades of red.
Me: What's the red for?
Him: I'm touching up your flower.
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That was the most unpleasant experience getting tatted that I think I've ever had was the flower. I-nearly-cried unpleasant. There I was, very expectantly, about to go through it again.

It wasn't licked on by kittens this time, either.

What, might you ask, brings on a post about this now? It itches. Oh, God, does it itch.

But it looks awesome!

I went to go see The Dark Knight and I missed the potato peeler. But, oh, Heath... I think that's what depresses me the most about his death. So much talent that we'll never see achieve maturity. Yes, he was amazing, but could you imagine him ten years from now? Now there's not a chance.
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