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When people break up from excessively long relationships each person should be handed a list that includes things that are not ok to say if the two parties ever decide to try to co-exist for a period of time in the same place together. On that list should be something like this situation:

Child: I want a little brother! Or a little sister! I want to be a big brother!
Father to Mother: Do you hear that?
Mother to Father: Yes, but you're the one in an actual relationship.
Father: Didn't you say you might want more kids one day? Do it.
Mother: *looks at him like he caught the crazy* Yeah, I would, but I'm not in that place and I doubt I ever will be.
Father: Just go out and do it. I'll raise the kid with you, I just don't want to pay any bills.
Mother: Like I ask you to pay any now *voice heavy with fuck-you-ism*
Father: I'm just saying. You could do it. I would help.

FTW?!? Really? What the FUCK?!?
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