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on the second story floor boards

My ipod officially stopped working today. I haven't been able to get the select button to work since last night when I was trying to troubleshoot it on As much as I love My Chemical Romances' Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge I would like to be able to listen to other albums. :(

I am now the not-so-proud owner of a blue ipod nano which I have named Blue Dog. Siriusly, I think all the colors they have out right now are ugly and while I do want a full sized ipod I use my nano for jogging and work and all kinds of stuff that it's just inconvenient to have a full sized one. I plan on buying a touch as soon as they can hold 80GB. 32 just isn't enough.

On a really cute note the kid just asked me how to get to the Great Wall of China (we were watching the Olympics at Chili's) and I told him apparently the best way was to join an Olympic team and ride a bike. He laughed.

I love that my son gets my sense of humor ♥
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