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Ever notice how when you tell someone something they don't want to hear they usually accuse you of being rude?

My job's register is archaic. I mean this, it's bad. Our bosses are cheap and won't replace it 'cause it still works. It can't separate checks, can only print receipts one time and only if you press certain buttons (why we don't offer receipts unless requested) and no credit cards. There is no Micros™ and no computer system to speak of. Everything is hand written. When the kitchen takes to go orders they give the ticket to the bartender, we ring it up and take payment from the guests. Tonight two ladies came in and ordered two seafood platters and one shrimp platter. While one lady was ordering the other stood directly in front of the service well and I had to ask her to move. After I'm done ringing it in they ask me to put the seafood on one ticket and the shrimp on the other. I'm polite when I tell them we can't do separate checks, and I apologize. I hand them the ticket and tell them their total. Then they hand me two credit cards. Second thing I'm sure they didn't want to hear was the 'cash only' information. I pointed out the ATM in the corner and apologized again. When they came back with their cash they stood in front of the service well again and I, once again being polite, asked them to move. Paraphrasing here but it was something like, "Excuse me ladies, but would you mind moving? That's the service well and it's a really busy area so if you'd like to take a seat at the bar there's some chairs available."

And, boy, did she jump all over my case. How she didn't know and I didn't have to talk to her like that and it wasn't her fault for standing there and where else what she supposed to wait.... oh, jeez, it was bad. I told her I was aware that she didn't know and that was why I politely informed her otherwise and that it really wasn't me but boss' orders that I had to tell people to move. I also pointed out that I did offer her a seat at the bar. Her friend that I had already told she couldn't stand there earlier was rallying behind her and I did my best to keep my bitch I know you're joking, right? look from my face.

You know a lot from people by the way they treat those they think are below them. I can understand frustration but seriously I just get pissed when people get angry at me for things that are clearly marked on the door and menu of the place.

Also piece of note about the service well: this is where the waitresses leave their checks with the money. I've already had a bill stolen on my shift from some shady guy we've since banned from the restaurant and I had to pay 25% of it (the waitress paid 50%, and me and John split the other half). People come in to case the place to steal money from the tables. When the weather is nice and we keep the side doors open people try to reach in and take money off the tables. Yes, this is what it's like working in the French Quarter. In short, me pissing someone off by telling them to move is better than me working two hours+ to pay for someone else's ticket.
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