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I need hugs and House

I'm sick. And by sick I mean I-want-to-throw-up-everywhere-but-hate-vomiting-so-I-can't sick. I only stayed at work for an hour and a half and then I got someone to cover my shift. Then I laid in bed and slept all day except for around 7:30 when I picked up Trevor from Erik (we switched up our days this week and he wanted to come home a day early 'cause he missed me- and then he told me he never wanted to spend that many days away from me again ♥) until 9 when he went to bed and I did too. I woke up about an hour ago, ate some vegan tomato soup (first thing all day), and now I'm about to put season 4 of House M.D. to go back to sleep. I watched The Fountain today before knocking out (I think I went out in phases though while it was on, must re-watch) and it was AMAZING. I know people that hated it but I think it's one of the better love stories I've ever seen. Much better than Atonement which was more visually stimulating that a love story.

I really hate feeling like this. I have work again tomorrow and I'm really hoping I can make it through the shift. Funny thing is beside the nausea I'm fine. I have a head ache right now but I think it's from lack of eating today.