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I'm really not that into Forgive Durden, although I don't dislike them either. As a band they just haven't hit me. Then again, it took six months for The Academy Is to really knock me down and when they did I was floored.

That being said I'm really excited about *this*

Gatsby's American Dream! OH! My heart! Brendon Urie and Greta Salpeter and a possible Gerard Way if comments are to be believed!

I have a thing for dramatic over the top music. Part of the reason I love Rasputina so much is they are well and beyond over the top. What attached me so hard to My Chemical Romance is the same thing- The Black Parade was an amazing album. Honestly, before that I liked them a lot but I didn't adore them the way I came to.

Yeppers, that's all I have to say tonight. Life really is that boring recently. Thank God!