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low and behold..........

Yesterday at work I was leaning on the bar and there was a young girl sitting at table 34 with another woman who I assumed was her mother. They were smiling and quite. We weren't busy, their table was right by the place of the bar where I hang out (I mostly handle service end when I'm the only one there and the bar is dead) and I like to people watch. What caught my eye the most was the young girl was really tiny. I mean, bite sized. And pretty. Oh- and looked a lot like Kristen Stewart.

Today I pulled my head out of my book for long enough to catch the end of something Eileen (a waitress) was saying to John. She was listing movies and I caught, "You know, she played Jodie Foster's daughter in Panic Room." This is where I pop in Kristen Stewart and comment that she was in Into the Wild and also her upcoming role in Twilight. Eileen says, "Yeah, that's her. That's who I'm talking about. She was here last night."

My response.... WTF?!?

The only reason I didn't even stop to think that the girl actually could have been her was 1) my restaurant is a piece of shit hole in the wall. If me talking about cockroaches and the staff that doesn't bite their tongue hasn't been a clear indicator let me clear it up right now. And 2) I didn't know she was in town shooting a movie.

I should trust my instinct more often.
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