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Heroes rant, ignore if you don't watch

Mohinder/Maya= Worst. Couple. Ever.

Milo Ventimiglia, you're a hot boy but, if possible, I think your acting has gotten even worse. Oh, and if you can mimic anyone's ability just by being near them then why do you need Sylar's power? PLOT HOLE!

Since when does fucking SYLAR bend to anyone's will, much less someone who he's only met once? And, really? Making him Angela Petrelli's son? Is everyone in this show a fucking Petrelli? Oh, God, and who does he fuck that he gets a kid? Another Petrelli- if Angela is even telling the truth. And he names him Noah? I'm assuming then that the partnership between him and Claire's dad is a good one.

The Nikki and Tracy and who-the-fuck-else thing? Lame. I liked Nikki. And when they killed of DL last season I was pissed. So, does this mean less Micah? And what was his cousin's name? I guess we'll never know what happened to her, will we? Can we say it? PLOT HOLE!

Hiro really is pretty empty headed, isn't he? You know what else I hate? That he and Ando are nothing but comic relief. Hiro would never doubt Ando. WTF?!?

Nathan, what happened to your wife and kids? Remember them? Wouldn't a Senator need them to look good? Oh, wait, you're meant to be with Nikki/Tracy/who-the-fuck-else.

All in all, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is an amazing show. I advise anyone to watch that instead.
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