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I forgot to say that I went to see Religulus yesterday. While it was funny I was reminded how much I can't stand people who, just because they are intelligent and have a vocabulary that extends past what most people have, think they have the right to belittle and demean people they think are below them. Bill Maher, true asshole. True to form of any supposed "documentary" whenever someone of intelligence with good points was revealed they only had a few spare minutes of screen time where as people who obviously were not good representations of what the opposing side was were next to as much time as Bill himself.

Just because you have quick wit and a sharp tongue doesn't give you the right to tear apart someone's ideology just because it isn't your own. Yes, I laughed, but I find sarcasm funny. Leaving the theater I felt a little sick. If there's one thing I hate is when someone wants to fuck with someone's faith. I'll be the first to say I don't know what I believe. I believe in God, yes. I don't know whose God, whether he is restricted to one religion or spread across several I just don't know. I know there is something out there bigger than me, and something that makes us more than what we are- not just flesh and bones. I do believe we have souls, and to believe that humans (or anything for that matter) has a soul makes me believe that there is something else. I hate it when they argument people chose is there is no proof so how can you believe in something that is not tangible?

Touch your soul. Tell me what it feels like. If you think you don't have a soul then tell me how it is to be constantly empty, to have no emotion, to never love, to never have guilt, to never be happy.
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