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I swim for better days despite the absence of sun

I finished Choke yesterday and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist today. These are both movies I have seen in the last two weeks. I liked the book ending of Choke better and N&N was a bit melodramatic at times but I still enjoyed it very much. Easy, happy read.

Now I don't know what to read. The next few books on my the bookself I'm really not in the mood for. I bought Brisingr the day after it was released and I'm just not in the mood for something in fantasy land. I finally read Anansi Boys two weeks ago after buying it the week it was released and sitting on it for two years.

I'm really in the mood for some Tim O'Brien or Michael Ondaatje but I really need to NOT buy anymore books. I own enough. Maybe Jarhead?

Ignore the title of this post. It's a JM lyric.
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